Our company was founded in 1969 by the original owner, Lee Fowler,
thus the name, Lee’s.
Lee and his family owned and operated the company with a strong work ethic and a “can do” attitude. For many years the company was operated on a man’s word and a hand shake. In these years past, the towing industry was not widely categorized as a profession but rather something anyone could do with a an old tow truck, or a hook and chain.
As the market began recognizing towing and recovery work as a professional service that required skill and vast knowledge, the mandates, statutes, laws and bylaws began a whole new world of demands, expectations, and requirements. Lee Fowler, a hard-working man, nearly ready to retire, found another hard-working man, Tony Barreiros, who would take Lee’s in to today’s times of modernization and ever-changing technology, all within the expectations of new terms and standards. Tony’s ownership ensued in 1985, when he immediately added new trucks to the fleet, and put in to effect a new radio-dispatch system. Tony was a visionary for the towing industry and used his progressive thinking to propel Lee’s in to the successful leader that it is today. Although Tony has always solely owned Lee’s, he is thankful every day for his father and mother’s influence from their own experience in business ownership. He is forever grateful for their faith, support, and love. Tony lost his father in 1997 to cancer. He will never stop missing him and endlessly strives to honor his father’s memory. Since his new ownership, Tony has married his best friend, Rachel, and together they have two daughters, Briana and Brittany. As a family man, Tony operates Lee’s with the same family-oriented value that has rewarded him with the expert staff that supervises your service needs. Our staff is trained to recognize your needs, provide you with professionalism, and solve your problems. Simply, courteously, and promptly. Every driver is specially trained and certified. Every employee’s background is checked, they are drug screened, and continually classroom and hands-on trained. We at Lee’s take seriously that it is service that we sell, so excellent service is what you get. After time-honored work of transporting locally and long distanced, carrying exotic vehicles, aircraft, motor coaches, heavy equipment, barges, cranes, satellites and sensitive loads, Lee’s has become the model for all of Brevard’s and innumerable Florida towers. With our 38 plus years experience and excellence serving the motoring public, we fully expect to meet and exceed your expectations. We look forward to serving you.