Question: What are your hours?
 Answer: We provide towing, recovery & roadside services 24 hours per day, 7 days per 
 week. Administrative & clerical services, and stored vehicle questions and concerns should
 be handled only within business hours: Weekdays 8a.m.-5p.m. No Holidays.

Question: My car is lowered with low ground effects, can it still be towed?
Answer: Yes. Most lowered cars can be safely towed with a conventional tow truck.

Question: Is wheel lift towing rough on my vehicle?
Answer: No. Quite the contrary. Since your vehicle is lifted by its tires, it is riding on your 
own suspension. The tow truck’s suspension absorbs most of the bumps & road conditions.

Question: Is it always required to have the keys for all tows?
Answer: Not necessarily. In most cases, keys are required for towing. However, if 
getting the keys to us is not possible, there are variables that may allow for towing without
keys. There will be additional charges for using other methods to tow without keys.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?
For impounded vehicles, the only acceptable forms of payment are cash, money
order, cashier’s check, and traveler’s checks. All other services, other than impounds, are
paid on a C.O. D. status and can be paid by all of the above mentioned methods of payment
or can also be paid by any credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
Personal checks are never accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Question: Can you bill my insurance company for the cost of services?
Answer: Yes, but only for vehicles being stored in our storage facility. For all other 
services rendered not requiring storage, we do not bill your insurance company. You must
first pay for these services C.O.D. and then submit a receipt to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Question: How can I apply for a commercial account with Lee’s?
Answer: Contact Lee’s at (321) 728-5588 or at and a representative
will immediately mail or fax an application to you. You can start today. It’s that easy.

Question: If you’re storing my vehicle, where will it be located?
Answer: If your vehicle was towed from within Brevard County, from anywhere north of 
the Pineda Causeway in central and north Brevard, then your vehicle will be stored at our
Cocoa office location. If your vehicle was towed from within Brevard County, from any-
where south of the Pineda Causeway down to the Brevard County/Indian River County
line, your vehicle will be stored at one of our Palm Bay storage locations.

Question: What do I need to retrieve my vehicle from storage?
Answer: When calling our office with questions regarding your stored vehicle, it is
important to have handy the date your vehicle was towed in to storage, and the last four
numbers of your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. These numbers can be found on
vehicle registrations, insurance cards and records, and on police reports. If there were
police involved in the towing/servicing of your vehicle, check with that police department
for their required documents that you may have to retrieve from them first before visiting
our offices. That phone call can save you much wasted time. When visiting our office, you
must present a valid driver’s license or photo I.D. and vehicle registration, which may be
available to us from within the vehicle. You must also make cash payment and you should
always call our offices first for the most updated cost owed against your vehicle.

Question: How can I retrieve my vehicle, if it is not titled in my name?
Answer: The vehicle can only be released to the registered/titled owner. If its registered to
John and Jane Doe, then both of you must be present. If it is registered to John or Jane
Doe, then either of you can retrieve the vehicle. If the vehicle is registered to another
party, or the second party cannot be present, you MUST get a notarized letter from the
owner or second party, stating that they permiss you to retrieve the vehicle. The letter will
contain their name and yours, the vehicle’s year, make, model, color and VIN. The letter
must be signed by the owner, notarized, and the owner’s driver’s license must be photo-
copied on to that letter, or attached to the letter. There are no exceptions. You should bring
this letter with you, or have it faxed to Lee’s at (321) 728-4401. The same goes for
any and all personal belongings within the vehicle.

Question: Can I retrieve my vehicle/personal belongings after hours?
Answer: Yes. Vehicles retrieved before 8a.m., or after 5p.m. on weekdays, or any time
during weekends, or holidays, will be charged a $50.00 after-hours release fee, that is in
addition to all towing, recovery, impound, service and storage fees owed on the vehicle.
If you must retrieve your vehicle or personal belongings after hours, then just call our
office at (321) 728-5588 and a driver will be dispatched to you within 30-60 minutes.

Question: How can I prevent myself  from being liened by a wrecker’s lien?
Answer: It is in your best interest in most cases, to retrieve the vehicle from storage
as quickly as possible, unless your insurance company or lienholder is assuming the bill.
By removing your vehicle from storage, you have prevented a lien.
After 35 days from the date of tow, if your vehicle is still in storage, a lien will be placed
against you. If it is your intention to leave the vehicle and never retrieve it, a lien will still
be placed against you. So, you must contact our office about the fees you will owe to 
prevent this wrecker’s lien.