Every day tow truck operators work along roadsides and high- ways, hooking up or recovering vehicles. They are forever putting themselves in the headlights of danger, all to serve you; the customer. Every year countless tow truck operators are seriously injured and killed out on our roadways. In December of 2005, our very own Tony Barreiros of Lee’s Towing Service, was nearly killed by an out-of-control tractor/trailer on I-95, while recovering a Lees’ customer.

To honor our heroes and learn more, view the Wall of the Fallen monument at the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum’s web site. The museum is in Chattanooga, Tennessee and would be an educational and intriguing sight for you and your family to see, if you visit the area. Tow truck operators everywhere thank you for your interest and your support.

Many callers speak to us in dispute of the costs of towing & recovering their vehicle from an accident, or of any service performed when Lee’s is called out by a police officer, or a representative of a police department. We always understand and empathize with your frustration. We can only wish that your frustrations are not misplaced. So that you may learn more, we guide you to the Brevard County Towing Rates as determined by the lawmakers of Brevard County.  It is here you will find that these rates are set and governed by Brevard County officials. For a description of Brevard County’s ordinance pertaining to towing & recovery rates click on the following link.

Was your vehicle towed away from private property?

Most customers are confused and displeased with the removal of their vehicle from private property. Customers are convinced that we will remove any vehicle from any property we choose. This is not the case in any instance.

We are contracted to remove illegally parked vehicles from the property owners, or property managers from which you were parked. The customer always states in defense, “you can’t just tow my car away”, you have no right”.  That’s quite the contrary, however. What the customer does not keep in mind, is private property is exactly what it states.  Privately owned. If you do not own the property on which are parking your vehicle, you have no legal right to be there, and the property owner has every legal right to have your vehicle removed.

To view Florida’s towing statutes & search statute information,
read Fl. Stat. 715.07 at
the following link:




“The Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida (P.W.O.F) is centrally located in Orlando, Florida, incorporated in 1977 and has operated since that time as an association of business people seeking to constantly upgrade the conditions and the image of the towing industry.

As representatives of some 5,000 persons in the Florida towing industry, P.W.O.F. is well connected with the grass roots of our industry and we work from this level through the halls of our state capitol. A full time lobbyist is employed by our association to assist in legislative matters.

The Florida Show is hosted by P.W.O.F. and is a yearly trade show and convention that has grown to be the largest international towing exposition, attracting exhibitors and attendees from points all over the world.”

Lee’s Towing Service is proud to be a P.W.O.F. member, through which our drivers receive their classroom and hands-on training & certifications. Lee’s also attends and participates in the annual Florida Tow Show and International Expo at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando. Visit the P.W.O.F. link for more information.


Drivers are now required to "move over" or "slow down" when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle that is stopped on a highway in Florida. The "Move Over Act", passed during the 2002 session of the Florida Legislature, was signed by Governor Jeb Bush on May 1, 2002.